Magic Items

Here are some magical products to enhance your Magic By Todd show or to use on their own!

Magician’s Starter Kit

This is the very kit I give as a gift to the birthday child in my Super Deluxe Show Package. It is custom designed and assembled and a great way to get your child started in magic. Unlike the cheap (though not always inexpensive) tricks typically found in toy store magic kits, these tricks are actually good and able to be learned by the average child.

One of the things that sets this magic kit apart from most others is the quality of the instructions. They are clear, easy to understand and include lots of performance tips in addition to just the instructions. They ALSO include several extra tricks that can be done with ordinary objects found around the house.

This special introductory magic kit includes 6 magic tricks with clear and detailed instructions, and a separate instruction booklet for 13 additional tricks with objects you can find around the house! Here are some of the features of this kit:

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  • Easy to understand instructions
  • Contains tricks that are easy-to-do (no tricky sleight of hand)
  • Teaches very fun and impressive magic
  • Professional illustrations!


The Kit’s kid-tested, audience-approved tricks include:

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  • Ball and Vase
  • Two Card Surprise
  • Finger Chopper (completely safe and fool-proof)
  • Fantastic Coin Penetration
  • Magic Calculator
  • Magic Coin Slide
  • Kit also includes a magic booklet that contains 13 tricks, a full magic routine, tips on presentation, and awesome illustrations.


All of this for the low price of $14.95 (plus shipping if necessary)


Magic Wandwand1

This is the same wand I give to the birthday child in my Magic By Todd show packages. I actually use this very wand as part of every magic show I do. It is 14″ long and made of genuine plastic.

It is perfect for making a lear jet appear or turning a sibling into a lizard (individual results may vary!)

In any case it is a great gift for the aspiring young magician. And for only $2.50 each, how can you go wrong!


Magic Goody Bagsgoodybags1

These magical themed goody bags are a great giveaway item for a magic party or any other type of party where you want the guests to go home with several fun, unique and exciting items

Each goody bags contains an assortment of 5-8 items ranging from small tricks, toys, puzzles, magic instruction booklets and more. The photo gives you a rough idea of bag contents but actual items may vary based upon availability.

And at only $3.50 each, it’s magic!!


Magic Activity Bookactivitybook1

These are another great giveaway item. Each book is really two-in-one with several pages of magical themed coloring pages in the front of the book AND several pages of easy to do magic tricks in the back half. It also includes articles on magical history that even parents will find interesting.

These fun Magic Activity books can be yours for only $2.00 each.